Center for Hope and Renewal

Grief counseling from ThompsonsGrief is a topic we prefer to avoid, so we often have little preparation until it washes over us like a gigantic wave. We are often surprised by our reactions. The loss of a person we love creates disequilibrium in our lives. Suddenly things that were perfectly clear no longer make sense, there is a hole in our lives that cannot be filled and we wake up each morning hoping and praying that it isn’t true. Our lives will never be exactly as they were before.


At the Center for Hope and Renewal, we can help you and your family in the days immediately after the death of one you love and also in the months that follow. We want to help you find hope and experience renewal as you begin to put the pieces of your life back together.

Grief Work for Individuals and Families

The Center offers two ways to give you special help in dealing with your grief.


Grief Groups where 5-10 people come together to share their grief and to learn more about what grief can do to us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These groups usually run for 4-6 weeks. They are open to anyone in the community.


Individual or Family Grief Work—If you need help navigating the grief journey Jorene will meet with you as an individual or with you and several members of your family. It is a safe place to share your feelings of sadness, sorrow, frustration, anger, confusion, or guilt. Thompsons offers you the first session at no cost. Jorene can give you a fee schedule for subsequent sessions.


Service of Hope and Healing

During the holidays it is difficult to find a place for the overwhelming grief you may feel because of the celebrations going on around you. In December Thompsons offers a service of Hope and Remembrance. The service is a time to remember and it is a safe place to shed tears. There will be music, readings, a meditation and the lighting of candles with the intent of helping you leave with a new sense of hope.


Workshop on Coping with the Holidays

The holidays are difficult after the loss of one we love—especially, the first Thanksgiving or Christmas. To help with these transitions the Center offers a seminar on helpful ways to navigate the days when many people are joyfully looking forward to the holidays and you face them with dread and dismay. If you try to deny your grief or ignore it, the process can become more complicated and overwhelming.

The workshop and service happen in November and are a gift to you and your family.




For 21 years, Jorene Swift was a pastor at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth and for many of those years she was the Minister of Congregational Care. In that position she worked with families and individuals who lives have been upended by grief—many times with little warning. She is a trained Stephen Leader and Minister and has trained Stephen Ministers, helping them understand the grief journey. She has two units of Clinical Pastoral Education and has offered pastoral care to individuals and families and helped them find ways to live through loss. She has conducted or helped conduct literally hundreds of funerals. Most importantly, she is a “person of sorrows, acquainted with grief.”