Fr. Kavipuaryidam

Obituary of Fr. Mathew Kavipuaryidam

Rev. Fr. Mathew Kavipurayidam, TOR, aged 71, passed away, June 18, 2020 at 6 pm, due to cardiac arrest. May he rest in peace.Son of Mr. and Mrs. Mathai Kavipurayidam, Father Mathew was born on July 6, 1949 at Ponkunnam in the Archdiocese of Changanacherry, Kerala, India. Fr. Mathew hails from a family of five boys and five girls. He was preceded in death by his parents, two sisters and three brothers. He is survived by three sisters among them one nun, two brothers and many nieces and nephews.After his primary secondary education Fr. Mathew joined the Third Order Regular in the year 1965. Pronouncing his first vows in May 1968, Father was sent to the St. Albert’s College, Ranchi, where he did his philosophy. Upon his solemn profession in May 1971, he joined the Papal Seminary, Pune, for a course in Theology. In 1974 he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Sacred Theology by the Pontifical Athaneum in Pune. After a year’s diaconate ministry in Lila and Poreyahat missions, Fr. Mathew returned to Pune in June 1975, and completed his master’s degree in Theology.On October 18, 1975, Fr. Mathew Kavipurayidam, TOR was raised to the honor of the priesthood by Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Vallopilly, Bishop of Tellicherry, Kerala. Father offered his First Solemn Eucharistic Sacrifice the same day.Fr. Matthew was in-charge of the candidates for two years (1977–80) in Franciscan Training Institute, Ranchi. Then he served as Headmaster of St. Francis High School, Poreyahat from 1983 to 1990. In the following year Fr. Mathew was assigned as the director of the professed friars in Assisi Bhawan, Bengaluru. On November 4, 1992, Fr. Mathew was assigned as Local Minister of Franciscan Ashram and Principal of St. Francis School, Harmu, Ranchi.On May 2004 he left India to become a missionary in USA, he was appointed as Pastor of St. Catherine Church, Carrollton, Texas, USA. He was pastor for ten years. He will be remembered as good pastor and leader; he knew each parishioner by name. He was very firm in following catholic teaching. Then he was appointed as Parish Priest of the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, Fort Worth in September 2014. There he helped to build the new Church. For the last year, his health was on the decline. He resigned as pastor on November 2019 but continue to help St. Thomas the Apostle.Fr. Mathew held very many responsible ministries in the Province as Vicar Provincial, Councilor, educator, formator and pastor. He held the post of Director of Education in the Province. He was also and in-charge of spiritual life. Besides his mother tongue Malayalam and English, he had good knowledge of Hindi and Santhali languages. He was a prayerful person, a good preacher of the Word of God, a holy Franciscan Religious and Priest; sincere in life and relationships and very committed in his responsibilities.