Robert Martinez

Obituary of Robert Martinez

Robert Martinez, 90, the eldest of 11 children of Jose Mariano Nunez Martinez and Clara Macias Martinez entered eternal peace with our Heavenly Father on Friday, August 20, 2021, after a 4 1/2 year struggle with Alzheimer’s, dementia-related medical illnesses and the lingering effects of a Covid-19 infection. His wheelchair-bound, faithful 87 year-old wife-Josephine Uranga Martinez-of 65 years along with her loyal brother (brother in-law to Robert) Alfred Uranga offered one final prayer with Robert before he peacefully departed for eternal Heavenly peace. As a Corporal in the U.S. Army during the Korean War Robert was stationed in Texarkana as a Military Police. During that time he earned his GED having only finished the 5th grade. Robert was proud his three eldest children attained a Msgr. Nolan Catholic High School diploma after attending All Saints Catholic School- and even prouder that his two eldest sons completed undergradute and graduate degrees. Both Robert and his wife Josephine, shared a unwavering appreciation for a catholic school education for their children. Throughout 20 years, despite their need to save retirement funds, they unselfishly provided substantial financial support and housing accommodations to the two local-living adult children to ensure the Catholic education of the grandchildren. After retirement, Robert was staunchly devoted in his support of Josephine in caring for their disabled children: daughter Lynda Patrice Martinez; and son James Edward Martinez 40 and 45 years old respectively. Robert was called upon by John J Hernandez to be one of 16 community leaders including Joseph Martinez and Louis J. Zapata Jr. at the 1973 Eagle Scout Board of Review for his eldest son. In June 2006 upon the 50th wedding anniversary of Robert and Josephine he proposed a renewal of his catholic marriage vows to Josephine- which she accepted at an anniversary mass. Robert carried a 60+ year old tattered picture of his wife in his wallet until it disappeared at the nursing home. Robert planted 5- (San Antonio River Walk type) bald-cypress trees as a lasting tribute to their 5 children. Robert’s and his eldest son both actively participated in Fort Worth’s first single-member district council campaigns in 1977. For over 60+ years Robert never failed to vote in any election- despite a poll tax. During the most recent 10 years, absent visits by local family, Robert and Josephine regularly spent almost every holiday and family birthday with their oldest son, his wife and their youngest grandchild in San Antonio – the last Martinez in his legacy. His youngest grandchild modeled his grandfather’s love of reading by becoming a voracious reader at his San Antonio Catholic School. Sadly in May 2017 Robert was first diagnosed with dementia – in addition to other medical illnesses-which was later confirmed by the VA and several other doctors. Josephine’s extended the same remarkable, unquestionably, superb health care to Robert at home until Robert’s deteriorating mental and physical care demanded skilled-nursing after May 2017 by all his physicians. Robert is survived by his devoted wife of 65 years-Josephine Uranga Martinez and his eldest son Bobby J. Martinez and family; daughter Lydia Salas Briseno and family; brother-in-law Alfred Uranga and family; 8 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, 9 siblings, 30 grandnephews and grandnieces and 90+ great-grandnephews and grandnieces and numerous cousins and their families. Robert was preceded in death by his parents Jose Mariano Nunez Martinez and Clara Macias Martinez; his loved in-laws Jose Uranga and Anita Sanchez Uranga; his children: James Edward Martinez, Lynda Patrice Martinez and David Martinez; sister-in-law Adelina Uranga; two grandnephews, 2 siblings and kindred spirits Joseph (Pepe) and Helen G. Martinez.Blessed St. Gabriel, St. Michael, St. Raphael: We beseech you to intercede for our husband/father/grandfather- Robert -at the throne of divine mercy. Blessed Mother lead all souls to Heaven. May we sing the praise of God our Savior. Amen