Asako Cosby

Obituary of Asako Hyashi Cosby

Asako Hayashi Cosby was born in Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan on September 7, 1928 and passed on February 14, 2022. She was the youngest of 3 children. During the early 1950’s Korean War, Asako married an American soldier stationed in Japan and moved to the United States. After her 3rd child was born, Asako became a single mother and with the help of Tarrant County Services and Mrs. Lena “Mom” Pope, she moved her children to the Lena Pope Children’s Home. Later Mom Pope offered Asako a job and she jumped at the opportunity to be near her children. For over 60 years and until her death, Asako was employed at Lena Pope and so grateful to Mom Pope, the Board of Directors, especially Marty Leonard, and the Lena Pope staff, including Shnease Webb and Shay Kuehner. During her early years at Lena Pope, Asako became a Christian and an active member of Broadway Baptist Church volunteering with the youth group. For 40 years, she served as the youth Sunday School secretary and donut scheduler, even helping many female youth by making their bridesmaid and wedding dresses. She absolutely loved Broadway. In the mid 60’s, Trinity Valley School granted scholarships to her sons and then later to her daughter. Asako immersed herself into TVS programs including as a founding organizer of the infamous students’ Homecoming pre-game spaghetti dinner celebration. Being a close friend to Elaine Yamagata, Asako became active with the Fort Worth Japanese Society and Fort Worth Sister Cities programs. She managed the Japanese Society’s Taiko Drum Group and accompanied them on numerous state and local performances. Active in the Japanese Festivals held at the Botanical Japanese Gardens, she ran the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, origami and calligraphy classes. With Sister Cities, she participated with their Nagaoka, Japan partnership, making numerous trips there as part of Fort Worth’s delegation. In 1999 she was honored by Sister Cities as their “Volunteer of the Year”. Challenged at an early age, Asako found the courage and tenacity to make the very best of life for her and her children. Predeceasing Asako were her mother, father and 2 siblings. She is survived by her children: John Cosby, Patricia Gray (Tracy) and Judge Don Cosby (Kathryn), and her 3 grandchildren: Tatum Schafer, Anne Claire Cosby Reaves (Trace) and Tucker Cosby. The family is grateful to The Vantage Assisted Living Community and Encompass Health for their hospice care to Asako these past few months.