David Wood

Obituary of David Porter Wood

David P. Wood was a much-lauded and loved, and somewhat feared, figure in Lake Highlands for 47 years: teacher, tennis coach, and education advocate. The sign over his classroom door not only foreshadowed his AP English syllabus but also set an ominous tone: “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” His students lovingly referred to him as “Dark Lord” and “Fearless Leader.” But under his tough exterior and dark humor were deep compassion and a bottomless dedication to his vocation. An icon in the Lake Highlands community, it was common for former students to flag him down to reminisce or express gratitude for his impact on their life. His style was irreverent, and he kept people on their toes with incisive sarcastic wit. More than literature, he taught critical thinking. He saw the potential in every student and worked with them until they saw it too, shepherding them to achieve more than they believed they could.He was generous with others, providing support in all manners imaginable, even when his own resources were limited. He loved music and sharing it with those around him, blasting it at home, in the classroom, or his car. He could sing like a rockstar. He loved to cut a rug and to the delight of those lucky enough to take a spin in his arms, was a great dance partner. He was an avid tennis player, read ravenously and was a beautiful writer in his own right. He was an always hopeful Longhorns and Cowboys fan, and he cooked unparalleled meatballs. His children inherited many of his interests and talents. His herald was his whistle, and the tune was whatever happened to be in his head and his heart.David was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, raised mostly in Fort Worth, Texas, and ultimately made Dallas his home. He was the unceasingly proud father of Alex, Kate and Spencer, grateful and adoring brother of Rosie, still friend to his former wife Tina, and the devoted dog owner of Floyd. Now he reunites with his brother Richard, and parents “Mickey” and “Woody.”David is loved by his family and community more than he could know or believe, and will be so missed.