Steven Eakin

Steven Raymond Eakin

1958 - 2024

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Obituary of Steven Raymond Eakin

Steven Raymond Eakin, 65, passed away April 4, 2024 in Fort Worth Texas from complications related to his Chemo and Radiation Treatments following a short battle with Stage 4 Cancer.

There will be a Graveside Service at 11:00 am on Thursday, April 11, 2024 at the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, 2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75211. There will be a luncheon directly following the graveside service at Southcliff Baptist Church, 4100 SW Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76109 in Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to join.

Should friends desire, memorials in lieu of flowers may be given to The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, 800 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76104 or Southcliff Baptist Church, 4100 SW Loop 820, Fort Worth, Texas 76109. 

Steven was born on  August 16, 1958, in Fort Worth Texas.  He was the first child  and only son of  Carl Fredrick Eakin, Jr., a High School mathematics teacher, and Lorine Temple, a secretary/ payroll manager.  Soon after his birth, his parents moved to the San Antonio, Texas area finally settling in Yoakam, Texas. After graduating from Yoakam High School at 17 years of age, Steven's father encouraged him to enlist in the United States Air Force. This launched his professional life in Logistics, where he  focused on service parts industry, logistics, distribution and supply chain management in support of  Government Property.  After 20 years of service,  and numerous deployments to England, Germany, Korea, Turkey, as well as being stationed  all over the United States, Steven was honorably discharged  with countless awards including a Letter of Appreciation from Ronald Reagan. After the Air Force, he began work at NASA on the Russian MIR and International Space Station programs at Johnson Space Center in Houston,  and sat at  Mission Control for the 16 day Neurolab Mission. Then, Steven went on to travel extensively for Homeland Security (TSA) inventorying and training personnel on the Sunflower Asset Management System (SAMS) and working with, and for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program in Fort Worth. 

Steven continued his education throughout his time in the Air Force. While he was stationed in England and Germany in the 1980’s, Steven took classes through the University of Maryland - receiving an Associate of Arts in European Studies/Civilization. He also took classes at the  Community College of the Air Force earning an Associate’s Degree in  Information Technology Systems with an emphasis on Airline Management.  In the 1990’s  Steven was stationed in Wichita Falls at Sheppard Air Force Base where he attended Midwestern State University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in  Geology/Earth Science.

While Steven was at Sheppard, he met and married Carrie Whetstone, a dental office manager and Wichita Falls native. They were married for 24 years as Steven continued to work in Aeronautic Logistics in the private sector.  

Shortly after Steven married Carrie, he unfortunately experienced complete kidney failure and would receive his new kidney a year later in Houston. Until his untimely death from cancer, Steven had successfully maintained his donated kidney for 24 years.   

Steven and Carrie consciously planned not to have children, focusing on their careers and their beloved Labradors, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot and Murr. 

They followed their careers from Wichita Falls, to Houston, Friendswood, Fort Worth and back to Wichita Falls. Towards the end of Carrie’s life she became very ill. Steven  suspended his logistics career in order to care for Carrie full time. During this time Carrie and Steven had  started their business ProNotaries of North Texas. After Carrie died, Steven and his dog, Chardonnay, moved from Wichita  Falls to Fort Worth   Steven continued working as a Mobile Notary all over DFW but something was missing. He was busy with his company and taking care of “Char”, his 80 lb white Labrador,  but he missed having a partner. He wanted companionship, however, what he eventually got was a whole lot more.  

Serendipitously, Steven met the great love of his life on the phone.  Steven was an old school romantic. He was disheartened as he   had tried online dating,  but it was  impersonal and it had been over 25 years since  he had been on the dating scene.    He was about to go on another date with an online match.  As a sweet gesture, he decided to send flowers in advance of this meeting.    He called the closest florist to his date’s place of business. That is when his world turned upside down.

Ring Ring “This is Layla how can I help you?” Steve asked the florist, “What can I get delivered for $20?" (Steven was notoriously frugal.) The florist answered hurriedly since it was two weeks before Valentine's Day, “Nothin.” After some haggling Steven negotiated a reasonable price and ordered flowers for his date. A few hours later after the flowers were made and delivered, Steven was compelled to call that feisty florist back and ask for her number.  Layla, never one to suffer fools, made sure to give Steven an earful.   She told Steven that her long-term  plan was “to move in with her mother and get more cats.” She was done being married and was set on remaining single.   Steven was not deterred and continued to call and request a date. Layla informed him her life was very messy and that he did not want anything to do with her. Apparently, Steven took that statement as a challenge.   Soon Layla agreed to talk to him on the phone.  She knew he was lonely and she was struggling too.  They started talking about everything.   Steven had lost his wife and Layla had lost her teenage  son a few years before.  The bonded over their heartache and soon they learned how much they had in common.  Steven and Layla were both voracious readers, passionate about history, loved travel and were devoted Christians.  After a few weeks, they finally met in person.  There were a few hiccups, a divorce, living  adjustments, their age difference and bringing Layla’s  children into the equation, but they were completely and utterly devoted to one another from that day forward, They married  a year after they met in a Flamingo themed backyard wedding.

Steven and Layla were inseparable the next 6 years, traveling as often as they could afford, to Boston, Key West, and all over Texas including South Padre Island and Galveston. They were meant for one another. They loved to eat lunch at Hoffbrau House and frequented Jo’s Pizza. They would hang out at Barnes and Noble,  loved to do crossword puzzles together watch documentaries and plan their next trip to another beach side getaway. Steven was a serious business man through and through, slow to smile, with a resting grinch face, however he was always optimistic he would win the lottery or publisher clearing house. Layla would roll her eye in laughter, saying “What are you going to spend the money on?”  Steven would tilt his head and lift his shoulders as if to say “I don't know but I'm sure you'll figure it out.” Layla is a light hearted, open, carefree wanderlust adventurer who pushed Steven to do all sorts of new things.   Steven encouraged Layla to quit working and finish her college degree, which she did with Steven observing her online classes  and making commentary over her shoulder during the Covid lock down. Layla's presence in Stevens' life lightened his demeanor causing him to laugh and enjoy life. Their love and devotion was felt by all.  Steven had been a Christian all his life but would credit Layla for teaching him about having a personal relationship with Jesus. He began to study the Bible more and worry less. He truly loved attending church and became a big fan of Michael W. Smith after seeing him in concert at Prestonwood Baptist Church.  (Steven also would eventually admit he cast the wrong ballot in the last election.) 

In December of 2021, Layla would suddenly end up hospitalized, having contracted Covid and double pneumonia, eventually being  put on a ventilator in an induced medical coma, and near death  for four months. Steven never lost hope she'd recover, praying constantly for her recovery. He rarely left her side over the duration and she did have a miraculous recovery. Steven was then  Layla's care taker and chauffeur after she came home and during rehabilitation. Six months later  Layla would be diagnosed with Cancer. Steven,  again, was by her side at  every doctor's appointment and treatment Layla had to endure.  After 4 months of Chemo and Radiation Layla was declared Cancer free because of God's mercy and Steven’s  devotion.  Layla was beginning to get stronger, and then tragedy struck in the Fall of 2023. Steven began to experience  horrible unbearable pain which was not diagnosed  until months later as stage 4 cancer. 

Their life together was something wonderful and rare.  They not only adored one another, but they truly loved each other's company and  respected one another. Steven never did win a financial lottery but in his mind he won the lottery when he married Layla.  If there ever was a song that could describe Steven and his love for Layla, it would be “She is His Only Need” by Wynonna Judd. 

Steven was preceded in death by his beloved dogs, grandparents, father and mother.  

To Steven from Layla,  “ Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go unwitnessed because I will be your witness.”( From "Shall We Dance")



Graveside Service

11:00 am
Thursday, April 11, 2024
Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, Texas, United States